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All things on earth carry a unique energetic signature pattern or frequency. The frequencies of love and light are very high. As can be expected in your world of polarity, the opposite, the frequency of fear and darkness are very low. The earth itself resonates at a frequency that must be compatible with her inhabitants, or else life cannot be sustained.

Emotions resonate at specific frequencies, just like material objects. Your Masters know of this. Those such as Gandhi and Mother Teresa focused on peace, not on anti-war protests. They knew that by focusing on “not war,” it strengthens the frequency of war. By focusing on “peace,” the same activist is now resonating in the frequency of peace, the opposite of war. You cannot be peaceful and yelling about peace at the same time.

Negative thought forms glop together due to the law of attraction; like attracts like. Positive thoughtforms simply flow in, around and through all things. It all has to do with vibrations. Negative thoughtforms have low frequencies. They are like a thick paste. Consider the making of a papier-mâché piñata. Bits of paper are layered one by one and held together with paste. Each layer makes the piñata stronger. In the beginning, the first layer of paper was quite flimsy. However, after you have added several layers of paper and paste, it will take a bat and quite a bit of effort to break the piñata.

With practice and an open heart, there will come a time in your life in which anger no longer exists. You will have come to understand that all is well and that what others do and say have no control over you. There will come a time when you will learn how to stay centered and at peace, no matter what is happening in the world. This is the goal.

You will then be vibrating at a frequency of love that can keep pace with mother earth. At that point, you will become a role model for others. You will join the ranks of Ghandi, Mother Teresa and those who love unconditionally. As more and more of you reach higher vibrations of love, the energies in the world will tip to a more positive side. It is then that the creation of heaven on earth can be experienced once again.

Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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Music and the Electromagnetic Human Being

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Music and the Electromagnetic Human Being.

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Join William Wolford for powerful group energy meditations and an interesting discussion/experience of music, how it relates to the human body through vibrations, frequency, resonance and how to use it to create harmony, balance, grounding and connection within our mysterious physical nature. Featuring Meditation Vibrations Energy Alignment Music!$15 registration fee that includes a $10 discount on Energy Alignment CD’s. Looking forward to seeing you.

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Music and the Electromagnetic Human Instrument Pt.1

Do you have a favorite record album or CD that has stuck with you over the years? Is there a certain piece of work that transcends others?  Is there something about the music brings forth strong emotion or draws you into its world so that you feel like you have to listen to the whole thing in one sitting? A couple examples of these special recordings for me are The Beatles White Album and Miles Davis Kind of Blue.  There’s something about the atmosphere surrounding the music that makes my soul sink deep into those musical moments.

In my experience this immersive phenomena can happen frequently in a live music setting, what with all the live energy, people and exciting atmosphere, but seemingly this does not happen as frequently with recorded material.  Yes there are sometimes subjective associative experiences when songs can bring us back to moments in time that meant a lot to us, but this is not what I am talking about.  These special recordings have a palpable energy to them.  So was there something special happening, when these exceptional recordings were made? Yes, there was energy from the performer and/or the interactions between the musicians and anyone else present at the session, but what else?

One of my latest discoveries is that not only is music and/or video recorded with recording devices, but also a feeling type of Energy!  Energy that cannot be seen or heard, but can be felt! Let me explain how I became aware of this.

Throughout my career I have worked with most of the latest digital and analog recording technologies out there.   I have written, performed and recorded music and sound professionally for 20 years, doing everything from recording engineering, to composing music, to creating sounds for games and theatrical soundscapes.

In 2009, my strong desire to create something more meaningful with my time and talents that would be more of service to humanity lead me to some profound experiences with energy and inspired some of the most powerful music compositions of my career.

That year my interests in metaphysics and spirituality lead me to being introduced to Cheryl Jensen who was doing energy sessions very selectively with people.  I was curious about this and she agreed to set up a session with me.

During the session, Cheryl’s personality went, um…‘away…’ while she channeled an energy persona that radiated through her physical being and into the surrounding environment.

Then the session consisted of very intriguing answers to some questions I had, however, what I was struck by was the amount of palpable ENERGY that was flowing in the room during the session.  Though Cheryl did conduct some energy balancing and meditation it was mostly me conversing with her in this altered state, and when I left the session I was amazed at how ‘high’ I felt.

I had recorded the session on my digital audio recorder. When I listened to the recording later I found that I would get almost the same high while listening back, although not quite as strong, but affective.

This intrigued me, but it wasn’t until a year later after several similar sessions with Cheryl that this energy and my music skills would be uniquely melded together in ways that still leave me mystified.

During a session in 2010, Cheryl, while channeling energy, suggested that I compose music for a couple of silent intentional energy meditations that they conducted in between question and answers. I thought that was an interesting idea.

The idea was to use these ‘silent’ recorded segments from the session and use them as the first track in the multitrack recording software I was using to compose and record the music in.  These ‘silent’ energy tracks contained the inaudible yet also recorded energies from the silent meditations.   In other words, although audibly there were some subtle sounds in the room (with some breathing and very quiet outdoor sounds), inaudibly the energy being transmitted by Cheryl in the room, which was quite strong and very palpable (and very good feeling!), was being digitally recorded to audio files on the recording device also.

My eventual realization was that this is always happening, intentionally or unintentionally. With some further investigation I actually came across a book, which I read with much skepticism (and I actually bought it because it amused me as being quite far-fetched) called “The Music of Time” where the subject of the book, Preston B. Nichols, a pop music recording engineer and scientist working with the U.S. government back in the 60’s talks about impressing thought forms (which create subtle electromagnetic energy), like “buy this music!”.  This ‘thought energy’ was embedded onto the magnetic tape also containing the recorded music in order to energetically influence the masses to buy the music they heard on the radio. Now this may or may not be true, but it may indeed explain why some really bad music has gotten so popular over the years.  I was initially completely skeptical of this zany book, but after having the personal experience of using recorded energy, not just music in my musical compositions I gave the book more credit and it, in turn, validated my discovery.

The intended recorded energy in my musical compositions is to assist the listener in aligning their own energy and raising their vibration while also grounding to the Earth we live on.  I have received very positive feedback from listeners that quelled even my own skepticism of what I was doing.  Really…? Collaborating with non-physical beings on a music project?!?!  Sounds kind of crazy, but the music speaks for itself, and the concept of recording beneficial energy for specific intentions is very exciting to me.  It is a cutting edge concept and I can envision recorded energy ‘pills’ as songs or sounds “Just listen to this 3 times a day and your ailments will go away.   Who knows?!

There is more to this story and I will continue the next article with investigations into the science of sound, vibration and matter and how it electromagnetically and vibrationally relates to the human body.


Second Wave

Hello dear reader, music lover, vibrational being, whatever you may be, (web bot?)

Well web bots need love too! :-)

I’m writing today to inform and motivate.

Inform, you, that I will be releasing variations of Energy Alignment music with nice beats and dance remixes (well maybe slow dance) but at least extended mixes.

Motivate, Me, to get busy and do that!

ALSO! There is a brand new CD in the works with new energy by Cheryl Jensen that is very exciting.  I will most likely do a digital release prior to the physical CD release, but I always recommend playing the physical CD as it has a more potent energy in my experience.

And for now, I bid you adieu

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Energy, Frequency, Vibration and Sound

Sound, Energy, Frequency and Vibration.  These are all inter-changeable terms, although some are perceived with different senses or physical sensations.  And some cannot be physically perceived at all but still affect us energetically, psychically and emotionally.  The effect of all this ‘energy’ is felt eventually whether we are aware of it or not. We can hear sound frequencies up to a certain level, as with color, we can only sense a limited spectrum of the frequencies that make up the spectrum of colors with our eyes and our brain. Sound and color are physical representations of finely tuned frequencies and the same goes with ANYTHING physical that we perceive, ie; our bodies, the floor, the table, the wall, the street, the Earth, the planets and stars.   These are all vibrating at certain frequencies that we are able to sense.  This is a simplified explanation of a basic discovery of modern quantum physics. It gets very interesting when we only focus on the human body alone as we are not just a table or a rock.  We are a living ecosystem on our own with different organs and body parts that all vibrate at their own frequency and can be tuned just like any other fine collection of instruments.   Although we normally experience ourselves as ‘one’, not as a collection.  And it is a good way to think of ourselves as a ‘whole’ system.  We are a whole system an instrument if you will that vibrates or feels or sounds good when all of it’s small parts, organs and systems are running in harmony with each other. I am writing and exploring these topics to impart what insights and knowledge I have gained just by setting on this intriguing path of composing energy alignment music.  All of this plays into the process of creating healing sounds and also into how powerfully simple it can be to be healed by sound. I will leave you with a link to a recorded interview I did with Kelly Howell a coupe years ago that explains a bit more about myself and how this special music was created:   http://meditations.bandcamp.com/track/kelly-howell-interviews-bill-about-the-energy-meditations  To be continued…. Blessings

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