“Bill Wolford’s magical meditation music creates
Julie Johnson of Law of Attraction Radio network says
OMG!  Is all I have got to say about your music right now!
Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know how much I so enjoy the meditation
I love your music.

Second Wave

Hello dear reader, music lover, vibrational being, whatever you may be, (web bot?)

Well web bots need love too! :-)

I’m writing today to inform and motivate.

Inform, you, that I will be releasing variations of Energy Alignment music with nice beats and dance remixes (well maybe slow dance) but at least extended mixes.

Motivate, Me, to get busy and do that!

ALSO! There is a brand new CD in the works with new energy by Cheryl Jensen that is very exciting.  I will most likely do a digital release prior to the physical CD release, but I always recommend playing the physical CD as it has a more potent energy in my experience.

And for now, I bid you adieu

To purchase and download Energy Alignment Music: http://meditations.bandcamp.com/releases

To purchase physical CD’s of Meditation Vibrations music: http://meditations.bandcamp.com/merch

Energy, Frequency, Vibration and Sound

Sound, Energy, Frequency and Vibration.  These are all inter-changeable terms, although some are perceived with different senses or physical sensations.  And some cannot be physically perceived at all but still affect us energetically, psychically and emotionally.  The effect of all this ‘energy’ is felt eventually whether we are aware of it or not. We can hear sound frequencies up to a certain level, as with color, we can only sense a limited spectrum of the frequencies that make up the spectrum of colors with our eyes and our brain. Sound and color are physical representations of finely tuned frequencies and the same goes with ANYTHING physical that we perceive, ie; our bodies, the floor, the table, the wall, the street, the Earth, the planets and stars.   These are all vibrating at certain frequencies that we are able to sense.  This is a simplified explanation of a basic discovery of modern quantum physics. It gets very interesting when we only focus on the human body alone as we are not just a table or a rock.  We are a living ecosystem on our own with different organs and body parts that all vibrate at their own frequency and can be tuned just like any other fine collection of instruments.   Although we normally experience ourselves as ‘one’, not as a collection.  And it is a good way to think of ourselves as a ‘whole’ system.  We are a whole system an instrument if you will that vibrates or feels or sounds good when all of it’s small parts, organs and systems are running in harmony with each other. I am writing and exploring these topics to impart what insights and knowledge I have gained just by setting on this intriguing path of composing energy alignment music.  All of this plays into the process of creating healing sounds and also into how powerfully simple it can be to be healed by sound. I will leave you with a link to a recorded interview I did with Kelly Howell a coupe years ago that explains a bit more about myself and how this special music was created:   http://meditations.bandcamp.com/track/kelly-howell-interviews-bill-about-the-energy-meditations  To be continued…. Blessings

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